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Counsellor, Mindfulness Teacher & Inherited Family Trauma Facilitator & Psychic Medium 

Who Am I?

My name is Inga Dennett.  I provide therapeutic recovery services to those who have experienced loss of any sort. Be it job/career, relationship, financial, familial. I specialise in loss and disconnection to identity and self. Basically, any human.

I have a Diploma in Counselling and an Advanced Diploma in Meditation as Lifestyle Medicine – Trauma Informed. I have over 20 years’ professional experience working with clients from a diverse range of backgrounds and life experiences, including as a front line mental health support worker. I have extensive experience in person-centred mental health service provision. 

Why? Why do I do what I do? 

Creating "The Little Sunny Space" and it's offerings have come from my own lived experience of PTSD, depression and anxiety.

For many years I worked on the front line of mental health, assisting people experiencing suicidal thoughts, intent and at times, attempts. This work ultimately took its toll on my whole of health and saw me have a breakdown.

On reflection, I realised that my breakdown took place over a period of time.

First I became anxious, became more easily agitated in both my personal and working life, and began to experience physical manifestations that couldn’t be explained by my doctors. After numerous tests, MRI’s etc I was not sleeping, I had tummy upsets, loss of weight and felt like I was losing my mind. It reached a peak when I was travelling to work on the highway, had a panic attack (my first ever) didn’t know what was happening and then was unable to drive on highways for six months, found it hard to leave my own street, walk my dog, take my young daughter the five-minute drive to school and do any of my daily living tasks.

Work became detrimental to my life, so it had to end.  I spent the best part of 2020 – amongst the global pandemic - healing myself. With the assistance of my GP, psychologist and natural therapists and practicing yoga.  By far the most potent healing modality for me, was reconnecting to self through my daily, sometimes numerous times a day, meditation practice.  This wasn’t the type of meditation practice that comes to mind instantly i.e. sitting by myself in a quiet room (although at times it was), it was my life becoming a constant state of meditation – which ultimately is awareness. Becoming so connected to myself that discerning between what added to and took away from life was given priority. If it took away, it went – this meant the people I gave my time to, the television shows I watched, the radio stations I listened to, the foods I ate, the coffee I drank or didn’t drink (for 10 months) whatever was in my direct environment.

What came from this experience is my awareness that through becoming mindful of my connection to self and making this a priority that I could direct my life confidently and accordingly to what was in alignment with my values.  I became values driven and so emerged my passion and purpose.  I took control of where I wanted my life to go despite the perceived obstacles.  The people that would help me bring about this value driven life began to enter my life and as such my own business has evolved.



I use various modalities to explore what gives YOU meaning by healing your relationship to self. Some of these modalities include meditation, mindfulness and counselling. My foundation for my counselling therapies is based in Inherited Family Trauma and how, once we bring light to what has previously been kept in the dark in our families, maybe for generations, healing is possible and life changing at that.  Through awareness, naturally comes compassion, understanding and ultimately forgiveness, forgiveness for those who came before us but ultimately forgiveness of self and that once we know better, we can do better, without the overlay of judgement or shame.