Space Clearing

Have you recently moved into a new space or maybe you've been there awhile? Be it a house, apartment, caravan, tent, campervan, office or retail space.... have you noticed feeling something off, strange, heavy, disconnected or odd within this space you are spending time? You might be waking at odd hours of the night and sensing something? You might be experiencing odd sensations on and of your body within these spaces? Something just doesn't feel "right".....

This is where I may be able to help.... no promises of course but I have been known to help out in these types of situations - however bizarre they may seem to both you and I....

My space clearing offerings are available to anyone who feels like what I have written above resonates.  As I am located on the Sunshine Coast, I work locally within the Sunshine Coast region and if needed - I can travel up to 1hr to your space. Of course there are other occasions where I can travel further but this would be discussed 1:1 via zoom or phone call before the session and remote offerings are also available but again, would be discussed 1:1.

What does a space clearing session look like? Basically they're super individual because we're all different as are the spaces we spend time in and the energy within them.  Sometimes, for reasons we may not be able to explain, logically  - energy gets stuck and is unable to shift.  In an initial phone/zoom conversation we would speak about what is going on for you and/others in your space and after agreeing on a mutually suitable time and date, as well as fee (dependent on client needs, situations etc) we would organise for me to visit the space - feel into what may be going on and look to move this stuck energy on.

For further information - please reach out via contact form on this site or reach me through my instagram @inga_dennett for FREE curiosity call. 

I look forward to assisting you to shift any stuck energy within your spaces and maybe, helping minimise those sleepless nights, odd feelings and that "something isn't right" feeling.


Image by Karly Jones