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"Remembrance"  is a culmination of the past 22 years of my working in the human services sector, in the areas of youth, child safety supervision, disability, employment services, suicide intervention, journeying through my own work-related breakdown, study in the areas of counselling, youth work, meditation and ancestral/inherited trauma. So, this offering feels particularly potent and deep for those I get to journey it with, on and through their own life to date.

It is a 6 month, 1:1 1 x weekly, online 1.5hr connecting.  

We look at what's currently going on for you, start to bring awareness to your nervous system and how it is primed, we begin to utilise tools of meditation and mindfulness to help bring awareness to your inner world and how to be with whatever comes up both internally and externally, through an experiential lens of the body.


That is the first 6 weeks - we then go into looking at who you've come through - ancestrally - Mum, Dad, grandparents - what they endured, succeeded at and how your ancestors lives might be still showing up in your life today.  We then move into the Tending Element, where we tend to whatever it is that is showing up, with compassion and understanding and shift it from burdening to value.  We then move into the final 6 weeks - Integration - where we integrate who you were into who you are now - post the awareness gaining of your nervous system, how it has been working for you and how it is now, the ancestral link, putting to rest and peace anything that you may still be carrying that no longer is needed and look to where you are going - unburdened and with more tools in your inner toolkit for everyday life, moving forward. Your investment into self for this offering is $3,000 - can be paid however is most doable and valuable for you. This offering I have 3 spaces for due to the nature of it and my ability to still service my other client's. Please reach out via the contact form page, if you feel called to begin this very personal, individual journeying into remembering why you came here X 

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